Thousands of goods online shopping vouchers alleged invalid website communication problem

Washington (Nightline report group Intern Yang Fujian) was not successful in the group purchase group purchase website tickets? Holiday, Miss Bi joyfully prepared with friends for a holiday meal in the restaurant, but was told the group purchase ticket is void, unable to use.

the day before 5 pm, Miss Bi in the "1000 products" group purchase a "Huaiyang restaurant" double meal 96 yuan.

and her friends at the restaurant, Huaiyang restaurant staff told them that the hotel is not licensed to group purchase thousands of network products, so we cannot use.

"Huaiyang restaurant said, group purchase thousands of network products is" copied "." Miss Bi told reporters, Huaiyang restaurant staff said, the hotel group purchase is cooperation and "gathered network", not thousands of network products.

learned of the matter, Miss Bi contacted the thousand goods network customer service, customer service personnel to confirm their website is their own problems, and said it would give Miss Bi refund.

reporter found thousands of products on the Internet Huaiyang restaurant group purchase is still in progress. Buy is worth 96 yuan double package, as of this morning, this group has bought a total of 28 people.

this morning, Huaiyang restaurant staff confirmed that the hotel is not thousands of network products and cooperation, but cooperation and gathered nets and group purchase.

1000 products group purchase coupons are invalid refers to the customer dining website said the Department refused to refund

communication problems

if consumers use thousands of products to buy coupons, the hotel can not provide services. The hotel is also verify why related content in group purchase thousands of products online, but as of press time the shop did not reply.

– group purchase network in response to

communication problem customer refund

this morning, thousands of goods network staff said that the reason why customers can not buy coupons to buy the product is a network of thousands of products with the cooperation of business communication problems.

according to reports, the current business has not yet been informed of the group buying information to the frontline staff, so that the hotel staff does not recognize the content of the group.

said thousands of network products, has been ready for communication and cooperation of the hotel, but because it is the holidays, sales staff are expected to leave, after the group purchase coupons can only use.

if the customer wants a refund, you can refund the network or call the customer service phone refund.