Web games need innovation rather than just copying

from 08 years to 09 years of hot expansion, web games a year to become the game industry’s meat and potatoes. In this year, the number of Web Games has exceeded 1000, in which so many games, there are a few games left me a very deep impression, there are a few games made me disappointed, today we have to talk about innovation and playability of the game ".

first we’re going to talk about "the game, I believe we have more or less play web games, the so-called" game is not directly open the browser to download the client online game called web games (such as the legend of martial arts 2) this is called "game (webgame). Comparison of playing web games mainstrategies of war myth RPG this kind of game, such as the adventures, magic, mumbo-jumbo Paradise City, business tycoon of this kind of game.

a good game is fun and easy to play, as long as the main is also playable, if only consider the immediate interests of the game will be the life cycle is very short, now the web game is to innovation rather than blindly copy, if only to know the copy without innovation and manufacturing waste what is the difference, "now many game manufacturers only know a new web game, and then on the network hype, of course, propaganda is a must, of course, if you have enough propaganda conversion you cool it’s different, a score you spent 10 dollars bought a fish feed the day the fish died, then you buy fish what? I think the play is the main premise of the game profitable, let the users stick, gradually introduce new features and new services, so users happy and willing to rush money, Why not??

said that innovation is the premise of manufacturers profit, such as the "magic city" (www.1wan.com) visualization of the fight, such as "counter attack" in Lolita push system, are compared to the traditional web games, great innovation.


that can play the fun time have to advance the magic city of small Cheung told the author about the game player, they play a company of my colleagues because the city of magic accidentally attacked BOSS castle and the BOSS was to the dinner party.

it is easy to play the official revealed to the author, now on the market a lot of game life cycle is very short, some out half a year on the market, although some games are still operating but half-dead state, the only cause them now this situation is not innovation, it will only copy, they do not what is the game player playing the game player to, what, only in accordance with their own ideas to develop the game this game did not get a good development, "a lot of people who do not understand the industry, do not take the money to hit." Currently there are about 400 kinds of web games on the market, and the annual launch of the new web games probably have this number, but can really survive on the very few.

of course, I am very pleased to be able to have the same point of view, some time ago to see 17173 pairs of 51>