Revolution and self revolution home store trap electricity supplier

when ma hand stretched to the car to build new people pocket, the dispute broke out.

this occurred on the eve of the double 11, the struggle between traditional home stores and electricity providers, the home industry this year, the most controversial topic.

for a long time, the domestic large home stores with the experience of the line as the core competitiveness, especially expensive large furniture, few customers online direct purchase. On the other hand, home products belong to semi-finished products, its remote distribution, installation costs are high, home stores in the localization of distribution, installation, unique advantages.

over the past ten years, home stores as the main channel of the home industry, home industry chain can not be bypassed. In particular, the store network covers a large area of chain stores, long-term control of the terminal channels of the home industry discourse.

this year, double 11 in the first half of the year, Tmall announced plans for the war – for the first time to break the boundaries of online and offline business, and the home industry is also included in this plan.


set in the electronic business platform more than Home Furnishing brand enterprises and regional distributors, take online orders, pick up the line way, with a big promotion.

October 23rd, the 19 traditional Home Furnishing stores including Macalline, home, collective boycott Tmall notice to its stores under.

in the "double 11" more than traditional stores on the Tmall business platform Home Furnishing issued a "ban order", a Home Furnishing industry on how to deal with the "big talk business", in "Tenth China Development Forum Chinese Home Furnishing industry and 2013 Guangdong Home Furnishing industry annual meeting.

traditional home stores on Tmall and other electronic business platform to discuss the topic from the ban further rise to the revolution.

collective ban order

in fact, Tmall in 2009 to create a double 11 shopping carnival, over the years hit an amazing record. Last year, Tmall’s double 11 Shopping Festival to $19 billion 100 million single day volume shocked the retail industry. In the home industry, last year, double 11, the whole friends home flagship store single day sales break billion.

example of the power is endless, the general downturn in the home industry environment, Tmall platform to attract huge sales driven home brand.

on the basis of previous years, this year, Tmall double 11 promotion has a new play. Tmall through the Tmall wireless client and the high moral map, the line stores and online store brand Tmall flagship store opened, more than and 300 brands of more than 30 thousand line stores to join in, participate in online brand number more than 20 thousand. Many household brands are also included in the plan.


, Tmall set of major regional distributors Home Furnishing brand and the brand in the electronic business platform, play the "double 11" promotion of the game, and Home Furnishing stores and other terminal channels are left in.