rural electricity providers to provide business opportunities for local people

in rural areas, left behind groups have become a common phenomenon, caring for children left behind and the elderly are gradually aroused the attention of the whole society. At the same time, the country itself is constantly developing, many young people through their own efforts to lay the foundation in the local, so that the children do not have to look forward to the lonely elderly. In fact, the countryside is a promising supermarket, attracted a lot of investment to expand the development of a person with breadth of vision, I am taking the rural electricity providers to focus on rural electricity market, to help the millions of rural youth entrepreneurship broad road and walk on build up the family fortunes. In the Internet era, the younger generation of entrepreneurs have more choices, with a rapid and comprehensive information channels, but also more suitable for their own personalized programs. In the final selection of Li outside for many years in the development of home, whether every time the parents and infinite care reluctant eyes, it is still difficult to find a home in the field, after multiple considerations after Mike decided to choose to return home. The Internet is still in the primary stage of development in rural areas, but Xiao Li through the rural electricity supplier in China to see the future of unlimited business opportunities.

in the development of ideas about Wu rural electricity supplier, how specific is an operation process? Mike meanders, is actually very simple, small supermarket present throughout the countryside is the best, by placing it in the store shopping terminal, through a simple learning to re teach around folks, to meet them, whenever and wherever possible demand for online shopping, saving money, saving time and money ".

Li said that at first it seems this way and not much advantage, in fact, compared to Taobao Jingdong shopping, Wu rural electricity supplier not only provide shopping options in the delivery of more abundant, to create a unique service. As everyone knows, the most ordinary express delivery service are not covered to rural areas, Wu rural electricity providers and logistics companies through private customized, personalized delivery scheme, the villagers in a single shopping shop can be directly sent to the terminal, the terminal is located within 72 hours, a great convenience to people in rural areas of online shopping.

there is also competition in the market, Mike’s business is not a smooth road, such as competition from Jingdong and other electricity supplier giant once caused no small pressure on li. For example, the Jingdong established the county service center and promotion, hope that through the "transfer", at the center of the link from the city supply and demand of rural, but when the goods arrive at the center of the city, from the rural to thousands of households still have a long distance. Mike quickly discovered that the villagers prefer direct delivery to rural electricity supplier Wu shopping terminal, after a renovation of the new premises purchase households folks the size of home appliances and other daily necessities, by Li and placed in the store shopping terminal one-stop procurement is complete, after receipt of the goods soon very satisfied. It also gave Lee to my business in rural electricity providers to promote the follow-up to lay a solid foundation and a good reputation.

from the consumption habits, the distribution of small supermarkets in rural areas is still the main way of local consumption, my business in rural electricity providers will extend their tentacles to every small village

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