After 90 SNS web site into the 360 e commerce area

It is reported that 90

, the social networking site 360 times recently launched its own online mall, the main push of clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories and electronic products for 90 consumer goods, and cooperate with professional shopping sites such as Taobao, to jointly tap the huge business opportunities of youth groups in the era of e-commerce is.


"SNS+ e-commerce has become one of the new concept of the development of electronic commerce, Netsun and Alibaba of the two electronic commerce website in July 09 has announced its entry into the SNS, seven days inn, Benz, Cochran diamond, Lining, Mount Emei tourism brands such as the electronic commerce system have been stationed in the world, should be more the SNS combines with e-commerce charm. These actions from the side proved that the combination of SNS and e-commerce is not wishful thinking SNS website.

360 Sales Director Mo said: SNS should be elegant in what mode can be profitable, has all kinds of problems. The 360 ring of the opening of the mall, the SNS architecture in e-commerce is a more mature business model, mining the user’s e-commerce needs, it can be said that this is an inevitable trend in the development of SNS.

there are a lot of people in the industry believe that SNS+ e-commerce is the main revenue model for the future of SNS website. Zero consulting chairman Yuan Yue believes that the SNS site between casual and natural social circle of friends, is a safe and effective way to make friends, plus some interesting interaction, so it has stronger viscosity. Interactive advertising can only be implanted in its initial stage, the combination of SNS and e-commerce is the best profit model.

Qiming venture partners Tong Shihao in an interview shortly before ever spoke to reporters, happy net future may be toward the mall development direction. SNS community and e-commerce will become one of the new hot spots of the Internet industry, through the SNS architecture in the existing mature business model will be a major trend in the future. For the 360 circles of the commercialization process, in the case of profit model is not clear, the test of water e-commerce may be a good choice.

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