EMS part of the electricity supplier price reduction of 60% to join the courier price war

high-end express have to join the price war. Following the recent launch of SF EXPRESS economic express, the reporter learned yesterday, has passed the listing of the EMS has also changed the past high-end positioning, announced in some provinces and cities to cut prices by 60%.

according to an insider, the low-cost EMS activity has quietly started earlier this month to plan, will be rolled out in the main city of the country. Currently, EMS in some cities for the electricity supplier express launched within 1 kg per ticket of $8 activities, which means that the price is now reduced by about 60%. This allows EMS electricity supplier price and the four pass one basically flat.

It is reported that

EMS, the first weight 20 yuan price unchanged for many years, continued heavy price only in April 2010 conducted a fine-tuning.

EMS for the low price hit the market behavior, insiders said, EMS listed for frequent action to create favorable conditions to consider. At present, although EMS has been listed through the audit, but the overall environment is not good, still waiting for the opportunity to issue. This time to launch a price war to expand market share, help them get a good share price, to maximize the risk aversion.

price and city to high-end courier tested. As EMS’s main rival, SF EXPRESS had also launched high-end down posture, economical products "four pieces" reached the position in order to expand the market share of Taobao.

in the industry view, the domestic high-end express have lower figure, but also not unrelated to join the fray this month Chinese FedEx FedEx and UPS legitimatel. Due to the high cost, FedEx and UPS will not be involved in Taobao and ordinary express, but will focus on the high-end courier market. It makes deep high-end express market EMS and SF express pressure. Although EMS and SF in the domestic market currently occupy the network and personnel and other advantages, but foreign express giants still underestimated. March, UPS announced the acquisition of Europe’s second largest courier company TNT plan, TNT’s world Arima in the country has a huge road transport network. FedEx also has Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu five airport international express delivery service, domestic shipping courier easy.

industry insiders believe that the EMS price will lead to a series of chain reactions. A well-known courier company official said, compared with EMS, the majority of domestic courier companies in the network coverage, service standards and other aspects of the gap. EMS although only in some provinces and cities to seize the market price, but if it continues to market after the low price market, the domestic private courier companies will feel the pressure.

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