Tmall international first drying data 70% transactions by active search

Alibaba in the United States after the listing, its overseas electricity supplier transaction data has been the concern of foreign investors and foreign financial media. 29, 2009, Ali for the first time to disclose its important business unit of globalization Tmall international operating data.

data show that since Tmall international was founded in 10 months of its turnover increased over 10 times, 30 stores a single store turnover of more than ten million yuan, like Amazon’s maternal B2C platform will also be settled in the near future overall. The globalization is defined as the first year in 2014, the report card to investors at least enough to cross.

is a phenomenon worthy of attention is, according to the "First Financial Daily" reporter Ali insiders understand that, at present there are up to about 70% of the turnover is through active users search, not by the diversion transfusion Ali platform, compared with Tmall by Taobao raised "say, Tmall international is moving towards" blood type "platform direction.

overseas super super, vertical B2C accelerate settled

according to statistics, Tmall international in November this year, the monthly turnover of more than 1000% growth over the first month on the line.

of course, take the latest statistics in November to do, there are two sides of the pulling effect of 11. For example, according to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter, double 11 day, only second U.S. supermarket Costco in Tmall international trading volume of more than 20 million yuan, the headquarters of the office staff is hot day trading scene petrified, had to be sent to support the online shopping platform to transfer goods and sales work.

but the fact is that in February on the line so far, Tmall international growth has been on the rise, and more and more businesses settled in the brand. Currently, there are 25 countries and regions from around the world 5400 overseas brands stationed. According to Ali revealed that the top ten companies in Europe and the United States, the French cosmetics cluster, more than 100 global businesses are waiting in line to be settled.

in 2014 to the outside world to impress in addition to the listing of the scenery, the Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun frequently visited South Korea, Italy and other countries, hoping to promote the local government, to allow more overseas brands to Tmall international denver.

China Luxury Market Research Institute, the quality of wealth Research Institute previously released report shows that in 2013 China’s per capita consumption of 1508 euros per capita consumption of foreign consumers, the European and American citizens 3~5 times. Insiders told reporters that, in view of the strong consumer spending power of Chinese outbound tourists, like many brands in Europe and the United States are inclined to Chinese tourists resources to provide consumer convenience. With the purchasing power of China’s online shopping group gradually through the demonstration of businesses such as Costco is known to foreigners, there will be more overseas businesses began to pay attention to the Chinese business through e-commerce.

this year, 11 pairs of Tmall stationed in the international Costco, for example, in fact, as early as 1999, it set up an office in Beijing, looking for opportunities to enter China

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