To promote the rapid development of cross border electricity supplier of the State Council four meas

each reporter Wang Xinyi

Internet can add what? The answer is undoubtedly open.

yesterday (June 10th) proposed four measures to the executive meeting of the State Council, to promote the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, "Internet plus foreign trade to achieve better into the excellent, expanding consumption, promoting the upgrading and development of an open economy to build a new economic growth point.

Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce

consumer economic research department deputy director Zhao Ping told the "daily economic news" reporter, China consumer attitudes towards some imported goods, has been from the rich to meet their own needs, support for cross-border electricity supplier initiative to reduce the cost of circulation and taxes, will bring the price, and the price will promote the return of consumption.

in recent years, cross-border, Alibaba, Amazon, shop No. 1 giants have reached the sea Amoy cross-border electricity supplier. Prior to the executive meeting of the State Council also issued a red, part of the foreign commodity pilot tariff reduction, while adjusting the consumption tax on some goods. Foreign consumption is expected to become a new economic growth point.


third party data display, Chinese online shopping population cross-border consumption scale from $2 billion in 2010 soared to $20 billion in 2014, the United States the origin of the goods, from clothing to maternal and child products are China consumers.

the body to determine the scale of China’s electricity supplier market in 2013 has surpassed the United States to become the world’s first, and will double in the next five years.

the State Department initiatives are more focused on cross-border electricity supplier in the field of exports. The first support initiatives is to optimize the customs clearance process, on cross-border e-commerce export business entities and simplify the classification, the implementation of commercial record management, centralized declaration, examination and release for 24 hours and received a single convenient measure of import and export commodities.

and in the tax and payment links, the meeting called for the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail export tax rebate policy. Encourage cross-border electronic payments, cross-border foreign exchange payments to promote the pilot, to support the domestic bank card clearing institutions to expand overseas business.

a Fujian garment accessories company official told the "daily economic news" reporter, the cross-border business enterprise is through the postal parcel form of export, free in the regulation, although do not pay taxes, can not enjoy the export tax rebate.

"through the formal export customs formalities will increase a certain amount of work, but in the long run, is conducive to the development of large-scale enterprises. In addition, the export tax rebate can also increase the profits of enterprises." The person in charge said.

at the same time, the State Council also encourages foreign trade integrated services for cross-border e-commerce to provide customs clearance, warehousing, financing and other services. Guide enterprises to standardize the operation, crack down on illegal acts.

Ministry of Commerce officials told the daily economic news reporter, China’s export enterprises now need to build is the brand, the current cost advantage has been facing

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