Chunshuitang head Lin Degang never think of themselves as the electricity supplier


40 years old tangshanren Lin Degang graduated from the Physics Department of Nankai University, skinhead, honest face, even to speak somewhat shy. It is hard to imagine that he is the founder of a fun supplies electricity supplier, and every day to stir up some sex related topics on micro-blog. This year, chunshuitang founded ten anniversary, Lin Degang to share with us his striking one snag after another entrepreneurial story, future planning, and the "special" industry in the light of rules.

I was honest guy, just pretend to be cool, work on time every day in Western dress and leather shoes, home dog kind. Why do fun supplies electricity supplier. I am in the Internet industry, this is in line with my skills. Furthermore, I really did not have money, personal assets in ten thousand or less, the time of the registration of the license is the same as the brothers and borrowed thirty thousand. At first, the goods are not in stock, I give the wholesalers in advance to make money, some people buy things sent to take in the past, Qian Yongguang on the money.

after I graduated from University for a year and a half began to toss, the hall is actually third enterprises I do. When sex toys in China or "popular literature or art" of the industry, I will wholeheartedly for a year in 2003 2004, attention shifts, a marketing consulting firm, but later assets are cleared, with 1999 and 2000 restaurant Internet Co do the same outcome. The second half of 2005 so I return to the hall, but also have no choice. At that time, I am 32 years old, typical no house, no car, no old woman.

came back to focus on this matter, I found a British company called Annsummers fun supplies retailers, the turnover of nearly billion yuan. It is very beautiful fan, I realized that the original interest in the industry can do so. Unlike the store, placed in a corner of the location, psychological feedback, is to do a thing that is not so sunny. The thing itself, should be fashionable, accepted by the public.

chunshuitang then have their own shopping sites, and a store. I think the sex toys industry will be scheduled seating in three or four years, of course, do not want to miss the opportunity to become the industry leader. Thus, 2006 to 2008, the focus of the year in, when there are one hundred stores. By the end of 2007, retail sales hall site was 50% lower than open before joining, this part of the business flow toward the franchisees around the hall, the equivalent of 3000 blocks from the initial fee to join hands close and double back subsidies. Calculate down, a direct loss of 750 thousand, mainly investment advertising costs and staff salaries and office costs after expansion. This has a relationship with integrity. Of course I know by joining fee money, do have a franchise enterprises to package the unusual business profits, told investors to profit for the year three hundred thousand or even millions, suddenly received a thirty thousand or forty thousand franchise fee.

at the end of 2008, I feel like joining the actual >

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