Content construction

8.1 self created content

says one of the reasons why Adsense is better than other online advertising systems is that its ads are relevant to the content on your web page, and users click on the ads

is interested in them. And users will come back and click on them again, because your content is attractive.    

if your site’s content is not attractive, you will be how to attract users and links and racking their brains, so you can not let users become repeat customers.    

has " correct " content, is an important condition to get a good income through Adsense, but also to make the Google search system on your site has a good print

Important condition of

image. You know, Google is a search engine, its mission is to provide the best search results in accordance with the user’s search instructions.

if you provide high quality content, you have the potential to make your site appear in the forefront of the search results.    

fortunately, for your site to create a page one page content, and put ads on each page to create the opportunity to make money, has become a more and more

easy thing.    

is the most obvious way to create content, of course, " write their own ". Find a topic you like and write it out. For example, if you are a computer game dedicated

home, you can build a web site, put the relevant experience, news and Raiders, of course, are you write. Adsense will then phase

ads for you, as long as you put them right, they will bring you income, perhaps enough to pay for your game costs. As long as you want,

you can follow any of the above methods to do any of the site’s    

but remember, the purpose of your web site is to make money, and it’s your job to make money. When you count the money

, don’t forget the time and energy you have spent on the money.    

so, more people are more likely to be looking for a more simple way to obtain the contents (in fact, many people do not love their own writing). Fortunately,

has a lot of ways to get content, and some of them are free.    

8.2  use blog to make money

to be exact, blogging is not an easy thing to do, but a lot of people like to do it

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