U S version of watercress rise Goodreads users to break 10 million


similar to the domestic watercress, Goodreads is a social reading platform

Goodreads is a social networking site with watercress (micro-blog) similar. Users can share in the above read, read, want to read books. The company said its users just broke through the 10 million mark.

this means that Goodreads only 15 months to double the registered users. In May 2011 to achieve 5 million users, the company has been established for 4 and a half years.

Goodreads co-founder and CEO Otis · (Otis Chandler), said the company’s main driving force for growth this year is the new Facebook Open Spectrum Application in. In addition, after the acquisition of Discovereads.com Goodreads launched a book recommendation engine, which will also play an important role in growth.

Chandler pointed out that, due to the rise of digital books, traditional bookstores disappear, the publishing industry will face huge mining problems. Amazon (micro-blog) is relying on its own book recommendation engine to solve this problem. But Chandler said that this also created a huge opportunity for Goodreads – after all, the main benefits of social networking sites to read is to find a friend recommended books. He had previously claimed that Goodreads has the best book on the Internet currently recommended".


Goodreads has been included in the 360 million books

Goodreads claimed to have included 360 million books, a monthly increase of 22 million copies. Chandler revealed that the site’s monthly page views of about 140 million, the monthly independent user access is about 22 million, so it can provide advertisers with a huge audience and data.

the company has just moved into a new office building of 6000 square feet (about $560) in San Francisco.

said the next plan, Chandler said that the company will develop more functions, allowing readers to upgrade their data in the process of reading a book — that is to say, not only can show he was reading a book, can also display the reading and reading the impressions. He also revealed that the company is working with the Facebook team to communicate, hoping to build a Book Club on the social network. Goodreads has opened a Book Club and discussion group on its website.

Goodreads URL: http://s.www.goodreads.com/

(Ding Hong)

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