Discussion on link transaction experience

400Ip a small monthly income of 300 tips, I have already mentioned the basic situation of the community station, tonight selling links, the link has been sold out.

I contact link trading is very short, I can not stand on the professional building, not many station. In two months, my advertising revenues add up to less than 100 yuan, but the average daily block money a week to buy a pack of bad smoke. So go on, do not say to make money, even the site itself has lost the meaning of the site. After careful consideration, I finally decided to sell the link.

after observation, I found that the transaction price of the network link transaction area a little messy, there is a certain difference between high and low.

general factors affecting price: 1, pr. 2, included the number and site first is the home page. 3, snapshot update frequency. 4, the number of existing links and whether there are links, etc.. 5, home page link and total station link. 6, individual exceptions.

in view of the above factors, I will be linked to the price of my station positioning at around 10 yuan, depending on the number of transactions and the location of a slight change in the link, the day I traded a total of four pen. Next, I modify the appropriate promotional words, detailed description of the site, and announced the basic price. This will minimize the waste of time in the transaction, as the saying goes: time is money. Very smooth and happy, I am in 10 days or so to do all the time.

after this transaction, I talk about a little personal experience.

1, clear price. Seriously look at your own site, reasonably set out to accept their own price to be published, and a detailed description of your site’s current parameters such as PR, included, so that buyers more clearly choose you.

in the price, it is often the price of Chinese cabbage to buy, this is normal. Buyers often have a professional acquisition, most of them have a dedicated acquisition of QQ, their job is to buy. So they have time and energy to fight a price war. The sale of links to friends, a lot of hands only one station, the location is limited, more limited time, eager to sell. This makes it easy to cut prices. So we have to firmly believe that the value of their site, in a reasonable price, appropriate to do a little acceptable concessions, so it can be, not to be confused by the price of cabbage everywhere.

2, civilized transactions. Even if it is not a deal, do not need indifference to others. We are really trading, no one who is full of people looking for a chat. As the saying goes: the sale is not emotional. Small webmaster mutual support should be.

3, a detailed record of the transaction. I am using Excel 11 records, including the transaction link domain name, closing time, contact QQ, price, etc.. Remember to inform the buyer due, No.

my station tonight: www.97jw.cn community, thank you for purchasing the links to the support of friends and co-operative! "

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