Analysis of advertising eye of the social networking site value

social networking site is difficult to scale profit, because it broke the success of the Internet profit model. For advertisers who want to sell their products and services, they can’t know exactly what the identity of the people in the social network is, what they want. For a company that wants to sell its products and services, Facebook is a kind of destruction to the network, because the advertisers need traditional, orderly content. Advertisers need their own brands in a controlled environment, and the media environment helps to enhance the value of the brand. Obviously, the social networking site in uncertain media environment, and may have potential Internet attacks, let the Lord will feel the loss of advertising.

currently, Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites everywhere, they have become an important part of online culture. However, the times that the use of individual users to create content, and rely on the popularity of social networking sites, there is no chance to make money. Social networking sites can not be profitable because it broke the success of the Internet profit model. Under normal circumstances, social networking sites provide a place to share with each other, writing blogs, videos, but not by the brand advertisers as a commercial activity. At present, the social networking site advertising click rate is very low, coupled with the flow of the site itself is not high, so the cost of advertising is not appropriate, it is also an important reason for advertisers to flinch.

some people may ask, that QQ is not very profitable? First of all, QQ has 700 million registered users, tens of millions of people online at the same time, the large flow rate; secondly, QQ chat box advertising media environment is controllable, does not appear similar risk other people can visit the forum. Therefore, even if a single ad click rate is low, but multiplied by the huge traffic, advertising price is guaranteed. Finally, QQ is the most profitable or value-added services.

financial advertising agencies in the United States online financial edition and ads, and will avoid those who release the children’s video site. Google also improved the search mode of the website, allowing advertisers to buy search rankings, and search results page content is based on the Google PR ranking technology to present, with "the traditional order" requirement.

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