Wangzhuan 6 easy steps to teach you to play English station

is well known, the English stand to do GG Adsense high price, click rate is also high, earn. Now many people doubt, think GG is very difficult to do, in fact, you are wrong, don’t blindly listen to others’ misleading, you go to Chinese stand to see whether it is personal, or some companies operating in good standing mostly in GG Adsense, which indicates a problem, or you can do.

Many people say that the acquisition

not, Google not included you, and involve copyright issues, the Yahoo answer content of my station is collecting, operating more than half a year, the insurance is now on the IP station, more than and 700, click rate stable at 5%, daily income of about 30 knife. Do English station is actually very simple, once again remind you, you did not go to practice, do not blindly listen to others say more difficult and more difficult, do I know.

1 first learn to copy, copyright can be avoided, the brain.

2 determine what you want to do.

3 Analysis of your type of competitor site.

4. here you can check the price of English words stand.

5 to maintain content updates, adhere to do the chain.

6 looking for links.

of course, really want to be able to add my QQ:949412815, to discuss exchanges.

first odd Tour online,, please indicate.

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