Entrepreneurial companies hold together weave a network of intelligent hardware

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2 years after the

round of intelligent hardware tide unbridled development, entrepreneurial companies are beginning to realize: only hold together will be more development. Thus, in overseas, Misfit began to join hands with Shine, Jawbone and Nest play a linkage.

in the country, this phenomenon has also occurred, a typical example is the beginning of this week, the two companies and the opening of Bong cooperation, one is to do body fat scales, one is to do wristbands. The logic behind this is how? Where is the necessity? Hardware re invention for the two founders who. At the same time to hear the views of other entrepreneurs, such as Liu Zongru BroadLink, vendor for further cooperation invention reports after seeing the hardware, he said to me, this kind of cooperation, not only has and is happening in the case that the hardware start-up companies for cooperation demands is stronger than we think.

in several of the exchanges and, to my surprise, startups cooperation intention not hold together against the enemies so simple, this may be one reason, but not the most important starting point. Let intelligent hardware has a richer and more complete experience, which is a better experience. On the other hand, the data, users and sales channels to open up, can really make intelligent hardware more imagination. The reasons behind this and logic can be seen from these aspects:

one, to complete the experience can only cooperate

now weighing scales (or body fat meter) and bracelet users of high degree of crossover, cooperation mainly for the purpose of improving the user experience." Bong founder and CEO Gu Daewoo recognizes that the key intelligent Hard Suits Inc choose to cooperate, each product are different, but most users are the first batch of intelligent hardware products early adopters, users coincidence degree is high, is a very natural thing.

The consequences of such

is difficult to develop their own Hard Suits Inc. Users in the experience of intelligent hardware has also increased a barrier and cumbersome process, the use of several products, there are several sets of user systems and APP, so that intelligence is not really smart but cumbersome.

is one of the reasons, two of the data. Jimmy open revealed the founder and CEO Li Xiaoliang, "from the future trend of the industry, intelligent hardware after 2012~2014 years of development, has a lot of intelligent hardware, but not much real user stickiness. The problem is that it is the production of data, but the data is not used. If there are aspects of the data, the data will become more valuable. This problem can be solved after the joint."

Bong and open cooperation is the way to open up the data and users, both users if they are using the other products, in the same APP will be able to see each other’s device data. The third reason is hold together have more energy to resist giant.

Gu Dayu said that this cooperation has 1 premises and the basic principles of the 2

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