Software services open the burden of gold

The future of the world science Dean Toffler had predicted that the service is an industry of future society’s most dynamic economy.

on the development of IT industry at present, the strategic position of IT service in the enterprise is more and more important. Two years ago, Microsoft has proposed a "customer-centric" software service strategy, the business indicators of software services for 80% of the total income; the good performance of the IBM company in the second quarter of this year, the growth is mainly from the service. Software service industry has become a trend. However, from the current situation of domestic software vendors, the situation is not as optimistic as we imagine.

includes software vendors UF, Kingdee, aneoo etc. these more well-known, not when the service in the industrial scale, is likely to become a burden for enterprise development. On the current situation, the domestic service charges still remain in the primary stage, some of the concept of enterprise users still stay in the free service phase. A survey shows that in many areas, willing to take the initiative to pay service fees account for only 10% to 20% of the proportion.

in free software service system, the company sales of software products to include behavior of software products, software installation, training and customer service daily service, software upgrades and other content, because the software product has the marginal cost is almost zero when copying features, so the cost of software companies to focus almost entirely on software research on customer service and service. If the software business services business with the user’s demand continues to expand, it is bound to bring a substantial increase in the cost of the enterprise. To UF as an example, the whole company to do service (including the number of personnel training, consulting and implementation of maintenance personnel) is far greater than the number of sales and management personnel. A senior official of the UF said: "if the service is not able to create income, can not bring the corresponding value, this is a big problem for the company’s business is really."Not only is

by separating the software and services, making the software services paid, software enterprises can not only make up for the cost of service vendors.

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