Google AdSense FAQ Tour advertising limit

in this round of our tour, there are many publishers to ask about advertising restrictions, mainly includes three aspects:

1 a page up to how much an ad unit?
2 an account can put ads on the number of Web sites on a website?
3 can put in a number of publishers of


we are here to answer these questions:

according to our policy, a page can be put up:

3 AdSense for Centent ad unit, and the format of the ad unit without special requirements, you can put the same size of the advertising unit.

we have no restrictions on the number of sites that can be advertised for an account. As long as you have the right to manage the site, have the right to advertise on the site, and the site in line with our policy, you can put ads on these sites.

if you are the site owner or the owner of the site allows you to display ads on its website, you can place your ad code and other publishers advertising code is placed on the same page, all publishers advertising units can not exceed the total number of 1 in the limit problem. But please note, you must have permission for the site owner can advertise on another website, any unauthorized advertising acts are violations of our policy, we found a publisher account will be disabled.

also note that each AdSense distributor is responsible for the content of any web site that has placed its advertising code. If a website is found to be in violation of our planning policy, we will show all of the publisher’s ads on the site.

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