PPC advertising keyword selection

a few years ago, my friends and I decided to start oldies station on the Internet, when we finish all the preparatory work, we are going to like "the world" to promote our radio. But we soon found on the Internet already has hundreds of online radio oldies, to create our website and let it get some of the main search engine recognition, also need to spend a lot of time. In order to win a good momentum, we decided to take some necessary measures to allow our website to get instant traffic. One way is by PPC (pay-per-click PPC) advertising to promote our website, for the web site to determine the appropriate keyword is a part of my mission, I took the time to draw up a list of keywords, then do PPC advertisements for our website in a number of search engines.

in the next two weeks, we oldies station site traffic is increasing, therefore, we are very happy. This is like magic, there is no traffic yesterday, but today was like a flood. But a few months later we realized that although our site traffic soared, but the turnover is not always good. I put a lot of search engines in the PPC ads, so I think it is definitely our ads out of the question, rather than the search engine itself. I have been aware of the problem for the final analysis, I use the keyword, I choose keywords do not accurately describe our website (I do not use the "oldies station network", "Internet music songs" this kind of words, keywords) on the contrary, I use some common words, like "50s classic" and "oldies" and "music". For different people, the key words are very different, I choose the keywords too vague, general. Aware of this mistake, I also selected a number of keywords, after a period of time, I found a lot of change, although our site traffic significantly reduced, but the turnover increased


in the PPC advertising, whether to choose the correct keywords, and finally get the results are very different. If you know a lot about your business, you must choose the words that describe your business as keywords. Take time to do group discussions and list all the different ideas. In this study, spend one or two days, to see which words are really able to describe your business is what to do, those who did not clearly describe the deleted or too general word, keyword more is not necessarily better.

some people advocate the use of PPC advertising they also have an idea, is to come up with as much as possible the right keywords, different keyword advertising costs are not the same, so it can reduce the average cost of your keyword required. But there is a problem with this approach, many of the keywords are essentially the same, with so many sites unrelated to the key words, nothing more than a waste of money. Take the word "music", if you use it to do a keyword, perhaps it will give you the site to bring a lot of traffic, but the term is too vague, almost not worth a hair! Like "classical music" this kind of word.

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