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The innovation of company founder

xierboman belongs to a conformist. He came to Silicon Valley because he wanted to be part of an exciting business.

Prior to the founding of Pinterest,

was an employee of Google (micro-blog). The politics of Yale University graduate entrepreneurs spoke softly, obviously he is more suitable for product development, instead of speaking in front of a lot of the audience.

eternal beauty

investors initially difficult to understand Pinterest, because Pinterest out of the trajectory at that time. Silberman said, when we started in the beginning of the Pinterest, people are fascinated by the concept of instant, all the need for real-time text feedback."

but Pinterest has nothing to do with speed or mass information. Silberman said, "for me, Pinterest is a very humane way to look at the world. The user will never see a Twitter message for more than 48 hours, unless it’s cynical. I want to create a service that is free of time."

Silberman said, Pinterest’s biggest idea is to help people find things they do not understand, so beauty and simplicity has become the highest product target Pinterest.

worship technology

Silicon Valley has always been highly talented engineers, but Silberman is not a technical background. After graduating from Yale University, he worked in Google’s online sales and operations. "I didn’t leave Google because I didn’t like it," he says. "It’s hard to create a product because I don’t have a technical background." Silbermann later met his business partner, they began to spend money to hire someone to develop iPhone application.

the company is divided into three functional departments: Engineering, design and social. Employees in the "social" sector are good at quantitative analysis or community operations. They analyze how users use Pinterest and their motivations, and study the rules of social groups and social norms.

Silberman said, "I think the engineer just like restaurant chef." No one would deny that the chef is an indispensable and important role, but a great meal also cannot do without the joint efforts of other people."

never flinch from

"failed to be as early as possible is the Silicon Valley golden laws and precious rules. Business networking site LinkedIn founder Hoffman Reid, business mentor · (Reid Hoffman) once said: "if the launch of the first product no let >

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