Analysis of how to break the bottleneck of Taobao passenger website to achieve sustained growth

A lot of Taobao

off site have such problems, a lot of Taobao customer website construction is basically a template copy, from the long-term development, seeking differences is the inevitable development of Taobao customers, compared with some good e-commerce platform and, have the same layout, but completely different, in recent years, Taobao has been in the guest website tepid pace, after a lot of Taobao customers earn the first network fortune through the website most stagnant, with Taobao off competition, Taobao off site differentiation trend is obvious, so, after early success, Taobao guest website how to to break the bottleneck, breakthrough, sustainable development of


a Taobao guest website to have much profit? Many Taobao customers are silent, the first in the Taobao off a part of people, once in some Taobao customers share the experience put forward their own Taobao guest website monthly income of million yuan, when access to its website or contact through QQ, etc. want mode. Find each other off Taobao website does not have what color of the place, and even some training, the contents of the construction site. Have experience of Wangzhuan friends all know, the real money will not easily leak, unless they are outdated or very low profits, some people will share these experiences, on the one hand, let more people have access to their own, on the other hand is to get a certain visibility to make a transition to other industries, get some your


goods are cyclical, some of the early Taobao customer site to do very well, on the one hand, fewer competitors, the other is to choose the right product. Many people know that Taobao customer care products rebate most, followed by some women’s brands, jewelry, cosmetics and other popular online sales, many Taobao customers to choose these products promotion. We have just said, the commodity is cyclical, the so-called cycle, from the product itself, is a product for a sales is certain, when a certain amount of this product and sales time, will be replaced from other similar products; product sellers, the promotion of a product requires a certain promotion funds when the product to get consumer awareness, has a certain scale of sales, so in Taobao, the seller may not require customers to promote Taobao will be able to sell Taobao products, customers lost economic sources; from Taobao off, a product of the profits as the product trading volume is not increased gradually declining profits, Taobao the largest passenger hard is to do the wedding dress, unless the transfer role, he is the seller.


, all causes Taobao customers into lower stage of low income, while Taobao customer why always exist? And can obtain certain benefits? How to break the bottom line of the industry, to get more revenue?

answer the first question, Taobao guest website with the development of electronic commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises began to get involved in e-commerce, has been on the rise, whether business or personal opened up the field of Electronic Commerce on the Internet, we need a promotion process, while the Taobao customer is the best party >

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