GoogleAdsense common skills summary

Google AdSense is one of the main sources of revenue, here are some of the commonly used tips, hope that through these tips to increase our Google AdSense revenue, and to prevent their account is deleted.

ad click tracking software

this I think is the most important, the installation of an ad click tracking software, which is used to track the IP address from which users click on the ads which, provide good results for future data analysis. At the same time for malicious clicks IP can also be tracked in order to report to the Google in a timely manner.

ad click tracking software, there are a lot of procedures, the search will look a lot, I suggest you use some more full function software, should at least be able to analyze the following data: IP, users click on the ads website, advertising address, click on time, so that it can provide some foundation for the following analysis.

ad position, color and number

page can be placed in a plurality of Adsense advertising, advertising in order to increase the exposure rate. Of course, do not put too much, should be placed at the top of the contents of 3 ad blocks and the link between the advertising block, advertising should be placed on the top of the page, so you will get a higher click rate of 1. The overall advertising color background and text colors and page photograph collocation, this can increase the user’s browsing experience, but also can improve the hit rate.

malicious click or invalid clicks

through the click track, we can trace some malicious clicks, such as a IP for AD, at this time, should be related to the statistical data in a timely manner to the Google Adsense report, in order to avoid being mistaken account closure.

disable low value of advertising

disable misleading advertising

sometimes access to large quantities of certain pages generated by advertising, sometimes advertising words with a certain misleading, this often leads to a user clicks on the ad a chance, the click rate is often very high, this is not a good thing, because the high click rate will often let Google mistaken for invalid clicks, >