Business model of shareware

Sharing software in China, has not found a good business model, try and buy mode, is seriously constrained by the rampant piracy, crack. Once the domestic shareware, will gain hope in the development of English version of software, but the real money, and will develop as a means of sharing software, only a few software and a few authors. So after the rise of rogue software, shareware seems to suddenly find a business model.

rogue software hazards in China, far more than the computer virus, it should be said that sharing software". It is said that in the domestic software download traffic, bundled with the rogue software sharing software downloads accounted for more than 80%, as long as the user from the site to download and install the software, almost hard not to move. The so-called forced installation of rogue software, the real use of loopholes in the IE system is less and less, mainly through the sharing of software secretly installed, shared software has basically become the main channel for the spread of rogue software.

rogue promotion means popular in almost a year’s time, it has created a considerable scale of software bundled market, rogue software company each month to spend millions of dollars to buy the shared software bundled installation. This sharing software weihuzuochang, Jiezeeryu, betray their conscience, almost completely destroyed the trust of users of shareware authors, destroyed the Chinese software market share.

however, with rogue software become an object of hatred, that once seemed like a large market, is slowly shrinking. So, I don’t think what the real meaning of Ministry of information industry software and integrated circuit promotion center and China Rogue Software Alliance launched the "green software initiative", in a real sense, is to help the shareware authors to find a new business model.

Zhou Hongyi suggested sharing software to do community, which is indeed a train of thought. Thunder can quickly rise in a short time, thanks to its establishment of a successful download community. But not every shared software can become a thunderbolt, nor is it necessary for each shareware to build a community.

those who can not sell, can not establish a community of shared software, the opportunity may be only one, that is, change the idea of software into a service (SaaS). Since even Microsoft feel the pressure from the Internet, and SaaS as the company’s future strategy, sharing software may have to change their own. Those who have been very successful sharing software, such as Winzip, ACDSee, Winamp, etc., are also facing the same challenge, or the same opportunity.

software as a service, that is to say, the author must to do the Internet software to do software, shareware model to replace the traditional Internet "kutaichoushen".