90 students dropping out of school to join the nternet geek incorporated into Forbes list

review: "Forbes" judges, Wang Huai (to view the founding investment partner, former Facebook manager) to Gao Yang’s comments: SegmentFault and China need such a heart to the young people community management. They are also the geek, geek culture preacher. The spread of the geek culture, will have a great role in promoting the Chinese Internet circle.

"understand" the word, and I Gaoyang chat, there is N+1 time.

for every word I say, he will use "understand" to respond and confirm. Just like in the programming process, the end of each instruction to hit the "enter" key as simple.

is the sunshine boy gaoyang. He was only 24 years old, has become the 2014 science and technology has a dark horse — the day before, by the "Forbes" released "30 Under 30 (30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old)" list, Gao Yang as SegmenFault (stack technology) co-founder and CEO were selected, and the stack technology has become the only list Hangzhou based company.

in fact, Gao Yang’s experience and the doings, many parents are too observant of conventional standards. eyes, a disobedient, filial piety is not bad boy. Fortunately, however, he says he has a pair of open-minded and trusted parents.

The company is located in Hangzhou

Gaoyang Wensan Road, is a three storey building building, first floor, two floor office on the third floor is used for staff or student living. For the word SegmenFault, many people do not understand the meaning of "wrong", but even so, many people are still unknown. This is Gao Yang and his teammates proud, because this is a programmer can understand. "". After all, SegmenFault is one of the programmers were removed from the network to gather.

Gao Yang, SegmenFault is giving these people to build a better and more professional platform, because professional, so only by insiders at.

in June 2012, when SegmenFault was founded, the team only three people: 90 years born in Goyang, 85 years and 87 years of Qi Ning Dong Feng, now SegmenFault has 10 "family members".

SegmenFault early positioning is a Chinese developer’s question and answer community, a year later, it gathered more than 100 thousand developers. Currently, SegmentFault is the largest hacker marathon organization in Asia, covering the size of the domestic activities of the first tier cities as well as Taipei, Singapore, the United States and other regions of Silicon Valley.

said, SegmenFault and Zhejiang daily newspaper group has a deep fate. In 2013, Gao Yang first appeared in the stage, is sponsored by the Zhejiang daily newspaper group, the media.