Change your idea of Wangzhuan have a way out

Wangzhuan ideas, can be said to be on the network to make money in the process of a kind of thought, method, experience, skills, or a direction. Different people will have a money making ideas can’t all be the same, but the idea of Wangzhuan decision you can really make money, we can not always stay in a certain way, should change when it should seize the opportunity to change your idea of Wangzhuan have a way out, the importance of the author experience about change ideas.


, just beginning to come into contact with the word or click Wangzhuan, from the start of the project, it is 08 in the first half of this year, the university has not graduated, another chance to see on the network to make money in the online information, and then added with a curious click Wangzhuan project. At the time of the PTC station a lot, the strength of the operation after a period of time, it can earn some money, which is very exciting, after all, the first time from making money online, although very small, but gave me great encouragement as a newcomer.

slowly from the free Wangzhuan project has accumulated some experience, and learn some skills, and decided to build a station to return snapadoo figurines. Because they are learning web design, so the initial time, with their own technology to design a website, although simple, but also get through, so wrote some of the content, and then formally launched the site. Their predecessors to learn some knowledge about the SEO, want to put the word do Wangzhuan Baidu home page, I put a lot of effort, think you every day to write some original articles and send the chain can be achieved, the results prove that I thought was wrong, and I think it is not like Jane single.

for a year, the station has no return figures what good rankings, daily traffic is more than and 100, the thought of building this station can get more referrals for their own profit, but proved once again that my thoughts are wrong, to enter the home page in a word row Wangzhuan the competition is so exciting strong is very difficult, there is no ranking is no traffic, no flow naturally out of talk about money.

although the return station figurines failed, but I did not give up the Wangzhuan, but find another way. Later, I came into contact with Taobao, recognizing that e-commerce will have a great opportunity in this area. So they decided to transition, before returning to customers to promote Taobao figurines station station, this time not to choose popular keywords, find a popular word to do, through several months of hard work, the station won the Baidu recognition, have very good rankings, every day brings in traffic from Baidu the conversion rate is high, each one has a few yuan Yong gold, the average day there are several single, can be said that the daily income reached 100 yuan, compared to the previous return station is stronger than the figures.

from the above personal experience illustrates the point: "change your idea of Wangzhuan have a way out." Indeed, it take me back to a station figurines that I used to think that as long as the effort, even can also make money free Wangzhuan project, but the fact that many have this idea of the netizens have failed, this idea is not suitable for Wangzhuan >