The next breakthrough in the development of advertising alliance


website alliance since 2002 has gone through five years, such as search alliance, city network alliance, advertising alliance, industry alliance and many other alliance group, alliance business has diversified development, mature.

no matter what form of alliance, the alliance group must be a community of interests, of which the most representative is the advertising alliance. Most of the domestic advertising alliance plays the role of advertising agency, from the upstream "wholesale" advertising, to the downstream to find advertising channels. However, with the consolidation of the SP industry, the emergence of the upper and lower reaches of the advertising alliance and other issues, advertising alliance into a new stage of exploration.

personal Adsense is an important link to support the development of advertising alliance. In 2006 the number of domestic personal website has reached 240 thousand, an increase of 58% in 2005; two reasons to support the continued development of individual stationmaster is keen on their site (spiritual support) and from the network alliance advertising revenue (revenue).

currently has the following characteristics:

1,   webmaster younger.

2,   site funding is an obstacle to its discovery of important issues.

3,   under pressure on profits, business development is not very focused, in the win will take that approach.

, due to the above characteristics, to some extent, also affected the further development of the advertising alliance. How to manage the downstream station, specification to ensure the advertising market, advertisers interests at the same time, the individual owners can be more profitable, seems like "fish and bear paw". Therefore, we are looking for advertising development under a breakthrough point, some new advertising products, some turn to high-end web site advertising agency business, advertising alliance development a breakthrough in what?

1,   improve the professional advertising alliance in the network marketing.

currently advertising alliance groups play the role of advertising agency, from the upper reaches of the advertising code directly into the lower reaches of the network. For the upper reaches of the advertisers, is absolutely dependent on advertising effectiveness data to speak, and this is a quantitative indicator is often questioned by advertisers. For the advertising alliance, its advantages should not only be limited to the advertising agency, it is sensitive to the market, the webmaster, Internet users habits, there should be more value-added points can be excavated. Such as help advertisers optimize the advertising code, choose the right site, instead of letting go of all the advertising code, the owners choose.

2,   strengthen the diversification of the channel.

At present, the small and medium-sized

advertising alliance website alliance, which is related with the form of advertising, large websites are keen for this little one is far from small and medium high advertising. It is therefore, advertising alliance advertising code will always be paid by the effect, and the lack of major advertisers and brand advertising >