WeHeartt 20 million monthly visitors will be the next Pinterest



dating back to before the birth of Pinterest in 2007, a company called "WeHeartIt" of the Brazil company is rising across Silicon Valley; WeHeartIt is a photo sharing and storage service company.

WeHeartIt founded by Fabio Giolito, which only belongs to the Fabio.com/iheartit line products". The Fabio will let him happy picture "Hearting" (Note: the term Pinterest collection for "Pinning"), and convert them into pictures set into the online tool; it is from then on, Fabio.com/iheatit began to attract attention to the sequential. Today, WeHeartIt has 20 million monthly visitors per month, while the average monthly registered users reached 1 million.

to a large extent, WeHeartIt like Pinterest, but it has several differences with the former:

WeHeartIt boycott banner ads. WeHeartIt’s main goal is to increase the user base, while revenue is not considered within the scope of. In addition, the contribution of 2/3 users for mobile WeHeartIt end without any advertising support; however, WeHeartIt is similar to Tumblr in the search for profit model which does not damage the user experience under the premise of realizing income increase.

in "Pinning", "Hearting" is the WeHeartIt code; however, between two words is not the biggest difference between the two. In fact, WeHeartIt’s user base is younger than Pinterest, the former attracted mostly women under the age of 24, while Pinterest is mostly middle-aged women.

WeHeartIt around the collection, discovery and sharing of beautiful pictures, but Pinterest is more inclined to arts and crafts and DIY.

is today, WeHeartIt obtained from White Oak and IDG venture A $8 million round of financing; while improving the server performance of this round of financing will be in the original service expansion, and hire more full-time employees.