The sea venture company model purchased the mainstream of domestic competition

lead: the size of 70 billion yuan of overseas purchasing market, the temptation to Alibaba, Jingdong, SF and other "high rich handsome" opened overseas purchase channel. In addition, there are a number of passionate and beautiful vision entrepreneurs have joined the sea Amoy entrepreneurial army to come.


Carnival Carnival 6.18 Shopping Festival on the eve of the industry once again came layout sea Amoy business, has thousands of tickets on the purchase of goods, but official denied. And then projected forward a few months, has been in December 2013, the company had by CEO June personally led the sea Amoy business stop. From’s overseas purchasing channel online to decisively announced the suspension, only three and a half months in the middle.

Compared with

, the Alibaba’s overseas purchase business is relatively high, in February 19th this year announced the "Tmall international" officially launched, for overseas imported goods for domestic users. In fact, Tmall international investment in this work has been brewing for six months, but failed to meet expectations.

Prior to

, low-key on-line as well as "Beijing East purchase channel, SF’s sea Amoy platform sea purchase Feng Yun SFbuy",’s overseas business development channels, but difficult.

in addition to Alibaba, Jingdong, SF and other "high rich handsome" opened overseas purchase frequency outside, there are a number of passionate and beautiful vision of entrepreneurs have joined the "sea washes" to start the army. For example, ocean terminal, CN sea Amoy, mierkat season, cool sea Amoy, Amoy City, golden sea company. They are optimistic about China’s upcoming blowout of the sea Amoy army on the consumption of imported goods.

enumerate these startups, the majority of the last one or two years was established, some enterprises have been quietly announced for no more than the amount of angel investment, but there are few VC disk access. According to whether the recent investment in the sea Amoy in the field of entrepreneurial company plans, Qiming (invested in partner in charge of Gan Jianping’s answer is: do not touch the policy risk project.

data show that: in 2012, Alipay domestic consumers only by sea Amoy consumption scale, year-on-year growth of 117%, far higher than the domestic online shopping growth rate of 64.7%; in 2013, overseas purchasing market transaction size more than 70 billion yuan. IResearch report, cross-border real blue ocean in the import demand for foreign goods, Chinese huge; now, the focus of cross-border electricity supplier of imported end is still concerned, customs clearance, pass inspection, settlement and other aspects of the tax rebate policy. Cross border electricity supplier to do a big business to import tax policy. According to the latest policy interpretation is: cross-border electricity supplier import pilot policy gradually clear, with the original tax general trade import tariff + VAT + GST, compared with a 30% discount rate.

is around the sea Amoy users a variety of pain points, tools, shopping guide category, platform class, transport companies, customs clearance companies, generation operators, etc.

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