College students are faced with bottleneck network cost low profit high

One day

2009, now with 80, 90 young people, a group of a group, gradually began to face the society, back at the age of 8.9, his teacher always reads "you are the flowers of the motherland ah, you are the sun at 8.9, now think about it, the original pure true, original clear, has gone, today in 2008, I have been the end of the third year college last semester, began to rely on their own to find their way out of college, was not what to read a book, do phone sales, project implementation and so on a series of P small child thing, but also learn some knowledge of


today, my friend called him over and said his job today is very tired! Said for a day’s work is not found! Recall last year my friend much worse than me, because last year, still in order to escape the social reality and the choice of undergraduate, and to pretend read! The occasional chance I renewed my business inside


I’m hiding from the society at the same time, a lot of friends, said that when the university is not the groundless talk? In 2009 June! I work in a software company, every day more than 5 points off thinking about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking!! is the same as living in the blue sky, why not have a career then,! Think: "if I have money…… If I had time…… If I had a chance…… ,……" Every hour and moment, and so on, will appear in a friend’s ear, especially a head off time, have a fever began to do big business, the founder of the company! A 20 year old soul, into the community, to prepare their own business, to shop, to sell things, to open the Taobao store to open…… A lot of a lot of talk about it, suddenly remembered a sentence: "God let us talk, can communicate, not let us brag, remember to be worthy of their mouths".

young people now, did not leave the computer alone know what to do things, think now the computer can really eat! Think now how much business is from the network, now think about it, how many sites around the country, all over the country think, much less people on the site to make money, Chinese the network first person to become a Ma, do not understand IT network leader, a variety of network has a certain share of the site have a space for one person, I was in Fujian, worked in Xiamen, Xiamen fish nets, so famous, basically work, rest time is watching the news in xmfish instead, the use of QQ and other large portals, it becomes a place for the portal, is a pioneering project, it is said that a month advertising how many million, why Now people cannot do without a computer, there is a computer, for those of us young people, we are now in the two world soul, will face the reality of the pressure of life, while facing the network since we are the true mingled with the false, cannot do without the network, since we have some limitations in Entrepreneurship in real life, when we have no money, when we don’t.

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