The current situation and characteristics of online part time job

The current status of

online part-time industry has the following characteristics:

, a website for personal organizer

part-time job on the Internet is not the same as the traditional job search, the number of online recruitment and job seekers can not be compared with reality, online part-time has not yet formed a climate. In general, companies and institutions can not see the online part-time industry. Therefore, part-time online websites are basically personal webmaster, and make money online, has no difference between what people. Only individual sites such as pig Witkey network belongs to the enterprise station, now at a certain scale.

Two, the lack of

recruiterThe development of a

web, certainly cannot do without recruiters and job seekers to the two party. Lack of either party, are not developed. While part-time online site is in a state of underdevelopment, the fundamental reason is that many job seekers and recruiters not. Why? It’s because basically all businesses and institutions have their own employees, and their employees can do it. Even if some of them are going to be done on the web, there are computers and networks in the business, and there is no need for online recruitment. Also there are a lot of risk in China: one is do not know each other’s character and work ability; the two is that there is no way to carry on the effective management of part-time, not a promise to complete the task of quality and efficiency; three are likely to produce leaks or lose.

three, liar rampant

because of the lack of real recruiters, also give the opportunity to cheat. They name the name of the job to cheat the money or work. The most typical type of part-time job. Its deceptive approach is very simple, that is, in a number of part-time job site recruitment information, claiming to be a cultural company, need to engage in text entry work, ten thousand words more than and 100 dollars. Because the book to be sent in the past, so the other party to pay a deposit. Or to each other to conduct propaganda of a "post, with much paste can apply for doing the typing work. The former is money, the latter is cheat labor. Why are there so many people fooled? Because most online part-time doesn’t have a special skill, can only do this without typing what technical content of live, and the high standard of income fraud, there is naturally a temptation. In fact, professional companies are full-time entry personnel, or are scanning machines, do not need to spend such a high cost of looking for a part-time job on the internet.

four, audit mechanism, the lack of regulatory mechanisms

spoke in front of part-time online site sponsor for personal webmaster, for the recruitment of information did not try to audit its responsibility, no time, energy and ability to audit, thus leads to a flood of information. The main purpose of the site is to stand on the web site to make their own money, social responsibility for such sites did not have a profound understanding. Therefore, there is no regulatory mechanism. At the very least, the job seekers should have the right to complain and the channel for the

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