No user will begin to calculate income business failure for seven reasons and Solutions

entrepreneurship is not easy, if you blindly into the entrepreneurial army, in most cases you will fail. This is not a threat to you, but the factors that affect the success of entrepreneurship is too much. A dedicated Arkenea founder Rahul Varshneya business platform to help entrepreneurs to develop the market through the many startups fail the tragic situation, as we summed up the seven reasons for business failure, and the solutions. The following is the Translation:

when you’re going to start a business, make sure you’ve solved the following seven questions, which will greatly increase your chances of success.

no user will begin to calculate income

this is the biggest reason most startups fail. The founder of registration after the establishment of the company, and soon there will be a few customers early, but usually because the user lost good times don’t last long.

don’t put your profit plan before you get a user plan. I do not let you do not seize the opportunity to profit, but because there will be a lot of opportunities to make money later.

do a fit user needs of the product is very hard. So, if you choose to start, do not bet on the profit model or business plan, but should be user centered. Your thoughts determine the performance of the product. Please make sure your product can change the life of the user, if there is no real make the user’s life better, then they also need to give you what you want. Therefore, if users are willing to pay for your product, so that your business plan is nonsense, no value.

be careful every step of the way. For example, do not damage the user experience of the product, do not let your site or application is full of advertising.

vision is too small (audience positioning error)

do not develop a product that is not for the public. Of course, you can also start from the local start, after the expansion, but your product is only hundreds of people solve problems? You don’t mind if you are not, hundreds of thousands? In a project, rather than a business or start an industry.

to find out what you’re doing to solve the problem, not just yourself and a few neighbors. Even for the world from pay attention to important points.

How big is the stage of

heart. If you have a high degree of popularity, your product will be larger or the company has the potential to become a big business.

hires mediocre people

the quality of your products and services depends on the people you hire – developers, operators, and sales staff. If the company’s core team is mediocre, then the products and services are doomed to mediocrity.

on the entrepreneurial path, you have a lot of things you need to think carefully before making a decision. Don’t be afraid of trouble and brain. There are a lot of good professionals in the world, they are also doing investment in the choice of enterprises, please

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