How to get out of their own personal owners of the road to make money

before 2009 Chinese station very much. From the CN domain name after the price or the name of the company to be registered, a lot of the heart of a sudden heart tired. Before the station to do less and less money. A CN is a few dollars. How much is a space? It’s just a few dozen dollars a year. And still double. Well, I don’t have much experience, so I’ll just talk about it.

small owners, generally do not stand, QQ non mainstream station in particular, because effective flow too fast, there is a movie station, of course, like those of what women have to do a lot, not afraid of people to stop the novel for infringement.

do not stand now than before the domestic space is generally to domain name for the record of the space business to bind, the problem is you give you the space bound, your domain name how to record ah, then to find a record. A few days ago in the A5 to find someone filing for 70 dollars. My day, more expensive than the domain name, then I might as well buy a domain name. To be honest, I prefer to do QQ station, first, a little experience. Second, as the above said the flow of fast. I do not have too many requirements of domain name, the station is now most rely on the search to flow, you can remember a few domain name. Of course, LD12 is an exception. Casually in the A5 chose an old domain name spent 100 blocks to do a ang QQ station. In fact, this name is also like to take their own I really can not think of what a good 1. Space spent 280 yuan, coupled with the purchase of 50 links. Up to now the 1 ang station spent a total of $430. Although not how much. But how can we earn this 430 yuan back. Let’s talk about it.

like us these small webmaster, a lot of is to do half is not a website is simply do not care. Say a lot of people can not adhere to the psychological, in the website to see what those SEO tutorial. Those who are suitable for the team to do. Imagine a small movie station, QQ station , what the mixed acquisition. One day which have so much time to send original articles, to promote, find the chain. Personally feel that their own situation to do. There is a long-term goal is not wrong. It is on the small webmaster, rather than go online to say the way SEO. Might as well be a garbage station.

maybe a lot of people will say I’m here to talk about something that I do not know, maybe you are not what I think, or you stand a little achievement, in fact, how come all know. I’m just talking about my opinion. Do a dumpster. In fact it is not difficult to imagine, the original articles every day, one day how much? The 20 people can be said to be a person of cattle, even if you send 20 papers every day for a month is the original 600?! I mean to do before use my computer in the local station to do. After a one-time collection, my station is also the case, we do not prevent to see. This will reduce the distress of the previous articles

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