Talk about the best way not to cheat Ziddu profit

Ziddu everybody knows it. But here or simply to say that there is a Chinese version of the foreign language version of the. I am stupid, according to my understanding, Ziddu’s profit model is similar to a network hard drive. Through the user’s upload plus promotion, and then he became a photo video software download site. It is only relative to other stations to increase spending, reduce the labor force. Compared to other free network hard disk (such as: interest disk) to increase spending, reducing publicity, but also increased the cost of the members to upload files and promote their enthusiasm to upload files. There are only part of the network hard disk I do not know too much, do not take care of him today we focus on Ziddu. After the user opens you upload software download link, there will be a page (when this is nonsense good) and the page to have the window, there are some other types of advertising, such as CPA, CPC. Then you click on the download link and there will be another page, which is the real download page, the same is still CPM, CPA, CPC. Enter the verification code can be downloaded. Those ads are his profit. Now that he has his own earnings, he gives us a commission on the basis of his earnings. That’s a problem. He’s not a liar. Of course, this problem does not need to be analyzed, there have been a lot of predecessors proved for us, but the most basic problem analysis, we should not ignore the good. The above is my own understanding, as for the wrong place, but also hope that the experts can give guidance.

first of all, as a member of the Ziddu, we have two ways to profit, one is to promote the downline, through our offline link will be a successful registration of $0.1 in revenue. There are a lot of people using this cheating. I hate people who cheat. Of course, the promotion of offline is not an easy thing, so we are not talking about the issue of today’s article for offline revenue. Second, Ziddu’s second profit is that you let others download your uploaded files, each download a gain of $0.01. Almost equal to 6 yuan rmb. This is what we’re aiming for today. Yes, there is one thing to say, Ziddu payment is one of the two PayPal, I believe we should have this, second is MoneyBookers. Let me explain my personal thoughts.

promotion method: you go to a software station, or you already have a download site. First of all, you want to add to the site’s software uploaded to Ziddu. Then download the download link at the web site and point the download address to the address of the software you uploaded in Ziddu. Then the user will go through the link to download the software you upload Ziddu, it will generate revenue. Of course, if it is the site you can not only download revenue from the other ads can also add their own. So we have two advantages, the first is: Ziddu>

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