nto the Adsense website cooperation norms

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Adsense get additional revenue for their own website, but do not know many webmaster friends cooperation on the Adsense website content specification, the following Adsense video conference finishing the hope for you to help the security

Adsense account!

according to the Adsense provided a total of 13 criteria to determine the site’s violation, which I give you a focus on the contents of the adult content of the decision criteria. Adsense believes that as long as your site is not convenient for you and your friends and relatives to view the sexual or nude pictures, text and video content can be determined that these contents are adult content.

a, obvious adult content text and pictures, video.

this is a good decision, like a porn.

two, beautiful pictures station.

three, sexual skills do not include sexual knowledge and sex education, and the content of your site is greater than twenty-five percent.

so there is a friend of this content or try not to put on the contents of the contents of the Adsense, Adsense allows your site to avoid alleged violations of the contents of the page put Adsense ad. The above content is provided by the song network www.kfsy.net webmaster finishing, I hope to help the webmaster friends.

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