Establishment and operation of regional information station

Analysis of the market before the construction site:

may many webmaster would say, I saw the network one is blank, is it late, depressed or sad. I think: no what a valuable website is the website service, is to make products and services, customer orientation is the right direction, first, to the service width into assets, not liabilities. To do this, the key lies in the integration: the combination of a number of independent services, the formation of an ordinary user life easier experience. To do a website service real effective, in the ideological establishment started to build station, we must do market analysis. This is the process of doing things, with a good idea, not a reasonable process, most will not succeed. The second aspect is to provide "vertical" content – such as friends, sports and financial services, such as self – service, to become a trusted regional portal. In other words, the main provider of certain information. The third aspect is that users want independence. Independent and specific, including two aspects of the 1, independent comments: to provide a variety of ‘vertical’ Web site, the problem is: This is the best and most appropriate content?" Fewer, better "vertical content" such an independent user review may be used to improve the quality of the content of the site and the entire site and even the company’s brand and prestige. 2, independent management: let the user in the process of using this system is always feeling like my own design, do this step, is now almost a basic network or software, who do this, who achieved a successful website or software. Everyone in the mining market, mining technology and ideas, and now only a small part of the site and the company designed systems or products to achieve this.

construction site purpose and function:

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