Why your business can not get the money of investors

, innovation works CEO Li Kaifu issued a "English blog to get investment for 5 reasons" on his LinkedIn page, is of great significance for the domestic entrepreneurs, 36 krypton as follows.

you are an entrepreneur, you have a business plan, want to get a sum of money from VC or angel investors. However, many entrepreneurs will make some basic mistakes, stumbled in the meet for the first time, here is a summary of the five point:

sends emails to VC instead of looking for a VC trust. There is a consensus among the VC, "if an entrepreneur can not to recommend himself by an acquaintance of mine, even if he didn’t mind and this resource, so it is difficult for him to become an excellent CEO." So do not blindly email VC, I have never given such a company for money.

see VC before lack of preparation. Before you meet for the first time, you should be careful with an investor. What is his background, which companies have been cast before, what are the common features of these companies, you need to show when you meet to leave a good impression?

communication is not simple and clear. You must be able to communicate concisely. First, you should be able to use a speech to your company clearly. Then, you have to be able to simply say: how big the market, competitors, what is the difference between the company, what is the special team.

spend too much time talking about the market rather than the product and team. You don’t need to spend a lot of time talking about the general situation of the market and the potential opportunities, because investors may be more clearly than you know; if not, he can also make your own judgment after a brief narrative. So, use your time to introduce the product and the team, because that’s what he doesn’t know.

argued with VC for the first time. At the first meeting, don’t try to convince an investor that she is wrong at some point. Of course, you don’t need to view one of investors. Also, if you get stuck at a certain point, move to another point. Focus on the strengths of your company.

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