Download a single download software market to make money

in the current site, more and more software download site, the download station is Ming Dao for robbery. In this powerful market, profit decreases download station. And many small download stations in order to be able to get more profits, instantly give up the user experience, full station full of advertising. The most objectionable is that these ads are fully integrated in the site, a few times’ download ‘words, but always can not find the software they need.

in this case, the station is more and more weak, the station is on the path to defeat. What station does not have enough space for profit, how to support many users to access the download station? Not enough users start accessing, how can the development of


in this context, the software market began to pay more attention to the surface.

More and more

QQ download site, Download Antivirus, Office Downloads and single download station began to run its course, in the new station, in front of the station with the development.

I was one of the webmaster earlier into my download market segmentation, Kingsoft typeeasy download station ( was also in the sky, Doctor, Pacific and other software download station for market share, quietly built along the way.

for Kingsoft typing through this software, I believe that many webmaster friends have used, basically use this software to exercise their typing speed, so that their typing speed of 120 words per minute…… Even to reach the legendary 200 words per minute, Jinshan typing for a strong, I do not say here, a brief introduction, but for you to understand the profit of a single market.

a lot of friends looked at my Kingsoft typing through the download station, open the feel very disdain, not a page, not a few connections, is not a simple combination of HTML pages do?

yes, it is a few pages of simple HTML combination. But this is just the surface! I have been emphasizing the user experience, only allows users to feel convenient, feel useful, he will often browse, recommend a friend also spontaneous my site to browse, download! Through word-of-mouth style propaganda, to attract IP, attract flow point.

more specifically, is to make money!

reputation propaganda advantage is not to say, if you believe a friend told you so around the site is good, the next thing is fast, convenient and so on when the words, I believe you will not download this station landing. But this time, download station has begun to appear profitable! Although the amount of money is just a smile, a few hair! However, please remember the words: "quantitative qualitative change!" when you reached a certain number of times, this is part of a few hair even can reach several tens or hundreds!


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