How to look at the small and medium sized webmaster game platform

is now a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster to join the bubble play, YES play, 51 games, such as the joint operation of the game platform. But from the major operating platform exchange forum, QQ group can be seen, many websites are complaining about the game channel login game player is more less and less, the number of recharge, even so, not to mention what benefits. Small sites become the basic operating platform proxy web games free advertising provider. Web game operators but through such cooperation, improve the exposure and the number of their own web games, but the small and medium sites have not received a share of the soup (or a small share).

              think the reason of this result, for many reasons: first, the current group of audience web games or narrow, small and medium-sized site traffic is limited, resulting in the number of games is more less; on the other hand, the large operating platform are taken into the consumption way, when joining the site member consumer behavior, they can get revenue sharing. This simple in accordance with CPS (according to the consumer pay) approach, of course, can not guarantee the income of the owners. There is, at present, the major operating platform in the integration of web games and small and medium sites, not perfect, and some also need small and medium site users to register and log in two games. This will be a lot of troublesome players in the door.

recently discovered a new platform for the operation of the web game, called the League to play, and the bubble is different, it is a casual chess game platform. There are four models in the QQ game, Chinese game center client leisure chess games in the most popular games, landlords, mahjong, chess, upgrade, is their own development. It uses the open access API interface (two times without the user registration, login to play the game two times), rather than the domain name resolution, compared with the website access easier, and more closely combined degrees. In front of the school on the Internet to see the application of their magic landlords. To join the site, they take a double reward approach, hand recharge into (40%), on the other hand, according to the number of games to play franchise website (no charge) reward (lottery, monthly reward prepaid card, QQ coins and physical prizes class; also accumulated to a certain number game player rewards the Dragon stamps (equivalent to cash)). Although the alliance, failed to fundamentally solve the above problems, but personally feel that their model is more suitable for small and medium-sized webmaster (game audience wide, double reward, perfect combination). As one of the small and medium-sized webmaster, I sincerely hope that the joint operation of the platform, we really want to consider the benefits of our small and medium-sized webmaster. Only let us make money, you will have the hope of profit!

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