How do earn ten thousand per month through garbage collection

garbage collection is a profitable model developed in recent years. I contact the station group is purely accidental, the original idea is very simple, that is, in order to operate their own SEO project can have more resources outside the chain. But slowly understand the personal webmaster do stand group, is also a good way out. Here are some of the experiences I have done to stand up for half a year:

first, preparation and precautions

1, batch registered domain name

one-time registration of a good domain name, here recommend the use of Godaddy 7 yuan info or.Tk free domain name. How to register, apply for Baidu to find tutorials to do the station group cost must be controlled, the best investment is not too large, too much pressure on the investment, many people tend to insist on not. If you are worried about info, TK domain name included you can go to the Baidu, of course, if you have enough money can also choose com, org domain name, but this greatly improves the cost of the site.

2, batch installation site

this step is often a lot of people can not be implemented, a lot of people in space, the program will spend a lot of time. There are suggestions for fund buying a server or VPS, not the province of the province can not, don’t believe that a foreign called infinite space, slow speed, down not to say, almost all developers have had to limit the number of file space, this space is not suitable for the station group. In addition, no conditions can be used to register Info domain name to send free space, although there are advertising, but the cost is greatly reduced Godaddy. And then the bulk of the installation of a good site procedures, recommended the use of DEDE, Empire, Z-blog, etc., procedures, template settings do not single.

3, select point station type

do not choose some of the hot industry, site positioning to be precise, do not always want to put the garbage station into the portal. You can go to the Alibaba, look for, such as hot press machine, this machine can be made into a completely independent site. Small area, big market, this sentence which is enough, we must clearly understand the situation, site positioning must be accurate.

4, website content

there are a lot of online station group software, tools, can be very good to achieve the content of the site, internal links, here I do not say, free of AD suspected.

5, notes

to be clear about what you do is dumpster, don’t spend too much time on a site, don’t waste time looking for programs, change the template above. Don’t think you can make a big business, that’s not what we want. How to make use of existing resources to achieve the highest efficiency, the smallest risk, the biggest profit is what we need to think about. Don’t care too much about a single site search engine punishment (acquisition station will be K day), between the same IP site do not link to each other, in order to avoid K station disaster. New sites in a hundred

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