Leave Ali mother will go

in the mom on the line soon, my site is on the line, also registered the Ali Mama member, adding the Ali Mama advertising code for the beginning of the site, traffic is not large, will not let it go, not too long, mother appeared big buyers, patronize me, bought on Monday I a yuan of money, was very happy, feel that their website has been recognized, Ali mother began to pay attention to.

with the site traffic increase, often see their advertising revenue, my website science education network www.xuegle.com wave on the line less than a year, the highest IP every day is more than 3000, recently is around 1000, while the highest income is 4 yuan, now every day is 1 yuan. 1000IP=1 yuan, the ratio of garbage flows is still low, we lack this element? We do propaganda but also for mom? But also for the Ali Mama advertisers show free? This problem has troubled me for a long time, today raised hope to discuss with everyone.

if I leave my mother, I will do the advertising alliance no longer, because my site traffic is not great, why would the only traffic to other websites? Since there is no advertisers for us to pay, then we both did their website main, advertisers.

I believe every webmaster website has a lot of columns, in the entire site to do our own advertising, A page to B page, do their own brand promotion. Maybe the viewer will not click, but show him, in short, better than showing others.

if I left my mother, I would like to work hard to study their own web site, to find their own sites suitable for profit. No traffic, rely on advertising to make money is Arabian Nights. And my site traffic is not very high, then I have to consider the conversion rate of my site traffic. Or in my website for example: in the middle of a web page to a location on the ads themselves, advertising content is "wave of Education Network – free tutoring, free tutoring" so few words, every day there are many visitors by QQ or phone consultation, but also have a number of members registered.

"there is only a mother in the world…", when the mother can not rely on, we have to work hard, in this year, who can not rely on advertising to support themselves?

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