Love sample network free sample marketing logic behind

a lot of people are curious, this free to provide consumers with a sample line under the model for what to rely on the site based on



network operators in the world by Lu Jianing

a few months ago in Beijing, the love sample network, is a sample of consumers to provide free line to receive the site. Through the site to build the platform, the line of businesses to pay 5000 yuan per month settled in, through the release of free samples for marketing. The user simply through the phone authentication, you can enter the store to receive or experience under the line.

love sample net founder Ma Xiangdong told "the world" network reporter: at present, no special restrictions in the sample category on the sample net love so, from food and clothing to beauty, service, love samples are involved.

for both traditional business, or e-commerce, access to an effective consumer costs are not low, Ma Xiangdong rough calculations, the average figure is more than 100 yuan. Perhaps because of this, the online release of samples, offline experience or to receive the model has been a trial.

and even this does not look fresh, has also appeared in various segments of the model: the most common is its own brand in micro-blog or on the website as a marketing way, this way without the cost of advertising, and no time, flexibility is high, disadvantage is the exposure of small, rely on often remain loyal fans, it is difficult to effectively spread to new users; the second is the sample trial sponsored by some well-known portal website or SNS written review activities, such as the early years of the rise of NetEase to grab the treasure, because portals have a large number of users, through a certain set on the easy formation of accurate communication. But this way on the high cost and large companies often have a strong voice, is not willing to be open to background brands, brands according to their own will effectively control the activities of the process; some of the emerging model before the rise of the Myluxbox type: such as monthly subscription, although called sample promotion, but still followed is to buy low and sell high way, by the company in advance with the suppliers of good supply, self promotion, efforts to control the brand is more weak.

model closer to the shopping guide website

from the point of view of the pattern, the most likely to love the sample to the number of beautiful, this kind of Taobao and shopping guide website.

from the beginning, Ma Xiangdong did a good job on the platform, only provide free sample preparation. But with is slightly different, in Ma Xiangdong’s view, shopping guide website is provided from the line to the online service, consumers do not see the goods, can only rely on pictures and text descriptions to identify the quality of the commodity is still a kind of ground service, and sample love to do is to provide ground services, through the formation of from Online to Offline closed loop, upstream to convince businesses, giving consumers seeingbelieving quality assurance from the downstream.

Ma Xiangdong to sample is defined as a marketing experience.

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