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sina science and Technology Annual billboard Summit Forum


sina science and Technology Forum



February 18th, the annual science and technology of the year Sina billboard held as scheduled. In the list of the awards winners, in addition to large enterprises and industry users are familiar with the chiefs, startups and entrepreneurs occupy a prominent position.

2013, the giants of mergers and acquisitions, the U.S. capital market positive, so that venture capital companies into the best of times". Sina science and technology awards this year to elect the 14 annual start-up companies, to honor innovators.

According to the

Research Institute of investment statistics, only in the field of mobile Internet, 2013 VC/PE financing was $546 million, up 36%, the financing of the number of cases since 115, rose 64%. M & a market, the mobile Internet sector announced 28 transactions, an increase of $17%, the disclosure of the transaction size of $1 billion 224 million, an increase of 171%, showing a nearly explosive growth of nearly 3 times.

incomplete statistics show that in 2013 BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) three giants in investment, mergers and acquisitions spend at least $7 billion 500 million. The giants of the play, let entrepreneurs met earlier stand in problem. "You are to take refuge in Alibaba, Tencent or Baidu, or other?" when the topic was thrown to entrepreneurs, the atmosphere suddenly heavy.

inside and outside the field started "stand in" war

over the past year, China’s Internet venture company entered the merger and consolidation season. Many areas of the venture company was BAT (Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba) three giants to carve up, accept who’s investment, who accounted for the team, the most difficult to become entrepreneurs.

almost simultaneously with the annual Sina Billboard Awards, didi and quick taxi taxi on the sidelines in full swing. The two taxi software company, in the past 24 hours the number of blows, burn off.

is located in Beijing didi taxi early this year to get a massive investment in the south of Tencent, attack South market. Hangzhou is located in the fast taxi Alibaba investment after the attack on the north of Beijing, the two companies in the rapid expansion of the company ushered in a positive confrontation.

first, Didi taxi announced to 10 yuan subsidy for each order, quickly immediately announced a single subsidy 11 yuan, Didi gone Gaosheng into 12 pieces, and quickly immediately follow up, increased to 13, and declared that never more than their peers 1".

these two companies have almost no positive income, in the past few weeks to the total amount of subsidies to the user more than 800 million yuan, was dubbed as "

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