Amateur Adsense money test

I am an amateur webmaster, but I know that the network is able to make money, or even make a lot of money. I’ve always believed that, but I haven’t found a way to make money. Not interested in the job now, would like to give up this job and devote to the webmaster industry, just under the pressure of survival to work at the site.

I started in September to the website, I want to know what to do can make money. I do is a beautiful picture site, using the CMS management system, perhaps people often say spam sites. All of the images have been processed by my watermark, and manual upload, there is no collection (so tired). Now every day I spent only 15 minutes to update one or two articles on the picture, the site is now just 1000 IP, PV18000, PR=2, (Midway for a month because the game didn’t tube website), only a few links to friendship. Talk about the harvest now. I put a total of 3 kinds of ads on the site, one is the Google keyword advertising, a video registration advertising, a traffic union. Google keyword advertising $0.5 a day, it is like 3-4 dollars. Video advertising registered registered a 0.3 yuan a day on average, about 10 people registered, also 3 dollars a day, traffic alliance 200 hits, and 4 dollars (20 yuan, 1000 click) that adds up to just 10 dollars a day. About 300 a month.

although only 300 a month, but I am confident that why. First, I only spent 15 minutes a day, that is, if I do it wholeheartedly, at least can manage the same time, such as the 10 sites (although tired). Second, on my website advertising is not much, still looks neat, not advertising, that is to say if you want to earn more, you can also put ads. Third, there is a lot of room for improvement in traffic. This is the most important. In the middle of a month without management, makes the flow down a lot, but if from now persist, traffic to the 5000IP is not a problem, then the income will be greatly increased.

Analysis of

based on the above reasons, I can count over the years to give up after a monthly salary of 5000 yuan now, wholeheartedly do. If I do 3 of these sites, I can eat. And now I am planning a local regular website, with a regular site as the core, the garbage site as an auxiliary.

did not want to send web site, is afraid that some people say that this is a soft Wen, but in order to give me some of the novice reference, or send it. The website I mentioned above is My QQ is: 155148407 welcome friends and I exchange experience. Do not believe you can count on me to statistics. At the same time, welcome to contact me.

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