A large collection of foreign advertising resources

Weblogs, Inc. – Apply to blog for one of their ninety plus blogs or submit your own topic idea.    They will pay; you per post that you write and you must meet their minimum post requirements.3 D8 F (K2 G7 @6 c- r+

PayPerPost – Get paid much $500 or a writing articles reviews of their sponsors on your as blog.

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Blogsvertise – Their advertisers you mention and about their websites, products and in your own blog. services

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Review Me – After blog has accepted their network pay, they will you $20 $200 per post that you write.

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Smorty – Earn $6 to $100 dollars per post you write on your blog.    Amount paid for; each post depends on the overall popularity and page rank of your blog." S7 K$B. y& y- V6 _9 i4


SponsoredReviews – Write reviews their advertisers’ services on own blog.  your;   They charge a 35% transaction for their services.: P, > >,, (fee)

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