College Students under the economic crisis a year to earn hundreds of thousands of money

do not know how you see the title of the article will think, it may be said to be a gimmick, disdain to go away. But I know the experience of friends know that the title of the condensation of my unemployment since the countless bitterness. I have never been so deeply aware of the truth of a sentence that "money is not everything!". Now the economic crisis still All sufferings have their reward., continue to deepen, but I have no money worries, because I have money rules. If you can continue to look at my story, you are lucky, because you can get inspiration from my story, rich life.

let me tell you my story. I’ve been unlucky. The university entrance exam, with ties to spend some money in an unknown school college. After graduating from college, in a very small foreign trade company to work for the boss. But since last year, foreign trade business is not good to do. The boss owed several months wages, but the economic crisis of the whole industry but anti landslide, finally the collapse of the company closed, I can go home. After unemployment, I have no source of income, all rely on girlfriend wages to maintain. Although I run the talent market every day, there is no substantial gain. Life is hard, prices are high. Every time we eat 1 dollars to buy tofu or bean sprouts to eat on the 2. Rent, utilities, transportation fees to pay 2 per month, a man to open mouth to eat, my girlfriend stretched thin salary.

I’m a man, but I want a girlfriend to feed me. I can’t afford to buy a cake for her birthday. I’m sorry to make her so Laughton. I need money, I need money to keep my life, even my girlfriend. You may want to say, it does not matter, the unemployed do poineering work, but it needs money, even to the wholesale market to sell socks, once a few hundred. I want to start a business without cost. I had to sell prepaid cards at Taobao, is in the virtual platform that card, but too many online scammers. On the card I was cheated buyers cheated more than 300 yuan, then I have a dead heart. That’s enough for us to eat money for a long time!! now 300 to me is a little money, but then wait a penny broke two situations,

300 is very important!

doesn’t go out looking for work, I use the Internet all kinds of Baidu search business methods at home, mostly liar projects, talk nonsense more. Until I come into contact with the people. Listen to a lot of people say Wangzhuan low barriers to entry, do good income. Although I know some computer knowledge, but this is what I have Wangzhuan, puzzled. I began to search on the Internet Wangzhuan textbooks, there are a lot of users to share video materials online, easy to understand learning. I remember when I typed "online video" in Baidu at the time, out of more than and 10 pages of search results. The search results in the first row is cool, I feel that since Baidu first put it out in the online video, it is certainly very popular. Because the mechanism included Baidu I know more or less some. So I registered users in the network, not to understand what is "Wangzhuan Forum