Angel investor Wang Xiao entrepreneurship is of no return good luck is out of practice

angel investor Wang Xiao

I do more than two years of investment, a profound understanding of the hardships of Chinese entrepreneurship, but also to see China’s entrepreneurial environment has become better."

this is the opening of the famous angel investor Wang Xiao recently in Beijing 3W coffee impromptu speech. In the QQ Internet Longmen third event, Wang Xiao believes that the three – people, money and environmental dimensions of entrepreneurial environment are improving, especially to provide the opportunity to host giant competition for entrepreneurs to seize, can quickly become bigger and stronger.

is as follows: Wang Xiao’s brilliant speech excerpts.

people the most critical: continuous success rate of Entrepreneurs High

entrepreneurial environment is the most critical factor, including entrepreneurs, investors, business mentor, etc..

most of the entrepreneurs lack of ability and experience, experienced people are reluctant to join the start-up companies, there are a small number of people lack of integrity. Experience and ability to take the time to grow, not for the first time, second times, the third time on the line. China is currently a lot of fire products are more than a masterpiece of continuous entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs four to ten consecutive years of entrepreneurship, will suddenly find the outbreak, to achieve successful business.

I see a lot of Founder Almighty, what is done, it needs to change, entrepreneurship needs to support the team. I voted for a mobile phone software and application of the company in the United States to recruit the original staff of the Apple Corp to do CEO, the professional skills of people recruited in a very cool, valuable, promising small companies.

experienced, talented, and willing to grow up with start-up companies too few people. An American start-up company hired a more than and 50 year old super cow CIO, he was very successful, living in a villa worth $3 million, still willing to join small companies to help finance planning and management, as well as financing. In China, this kind of people can change their thinking, as a deputy, rather than their own business, to help start-up companies grow.

a few entrepreneurs do not do a good job by flicker to get the product or the volume of money to run away, it is difficult to get his reputation after the bad investment.

soft environment: China still lacks a reliable mentor

fly mentor is also very scarce, but will be more and more. Mentors and entrepreneurs are complementary relationship, mentor to help entrepreneurs avoid mistakes, real innovation needs entrepreneurs to do.

has a lot of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to help entrepreneurs. Such as the founder of Google is two college students, entrepreneurs get behind the help of a lot of professional instructors, was able to achieve great cause. In China, such instructors are less, there is no real combat experience. I believe that with the growth of China’s Internet, some of the company’s executives come out as mentors, they have very mature combat experience, which is very good.

China is not short

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