View the recruitment website from the personal webmaster’s point of view

many domestic well-known talent websites have made, even among them are listed companies, each provincial talent website, in addition to host a bureau of personnel network personnel, so there must be a lot of other websites, or individual, or the operation of the company.

In fact,

already has a different talent website and other websites, the main profit pattern, pay recruitment, this is quite monotonous, but the profit is very large, the cost is very low, we think the recruitment website is the outbreak site.

but not real people can erupt from the recruitment website, although this website a big push, but really broke out, to have the enterprise trust, job seekers can be favored, which is several. So not all recruitment sites can come true.

I do Ganzhou network of excellence ( was aimed at such a special industry site, while Ganzhou is currently a nationwide talent website, such as the spring and autumn and Warring States, zhuluzhongyuan. But it’s not yet known. But at this point, someone who was the first to eat crabs, has a large customer base, every year a lot of profits. And personnel talent network, but also stamina, dare to chase.

so when planning, this time from the perspective of positioning and what kind of talent recruitment website entered the competition is one of the most popular things, and finally as Ganzhou local the most user-friendly recruitment website. There are two purposes: first, to make businesses and job seekers humane. Two, the construction of a harmonious society needs humanization.

so in general, Ganzhou network of excellence is to cater to the local Ganzhou came into being a unique perspective, although the fairy ah just started, but has received many insiders praise, all the webmaster friends, can make a suggestion, also can in turn as a reference, as the positioning of the site.

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