Use links to enhance the weight website optimization can walk in the shortcut to success

although some utility, although not the only, but the link in optimization can play an active role, is an indisputable fact, just look at some of the top of the number of Web site will know. Especially some popular keywords, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of the chain is not uncommon. If there is a certain shortcut to website optimization, then the extensive and diverse links is one of them, but the internal and external links are different, but the use of links to enhance the weight of the site is absolutely a shortcut to optimize the success. There is also an example that can prove the importance of the link. In Baidu or Google, we search for "international station", and the first place is Alibaba’s English version.

, but the English version of the site, from the site title, keyword settings to page description, and even web pages inside, did not mention "international station."". If so, why search for "international station" in the name of the first row than other sites, but the Alibaba English version of the site? Look at the copyright information Alibaba Series website, you will find the mystery, right, all of the sites will be "international" this three word links to Ali English website. Similar examples, as well as the Adobe Flash Player web site, rely on extensive links to make Click here very natural to the top. The power of links can be seen here, and it’s not difficult to understand why a link is worth dozens of dollars, and someone buys it. The real reason why the link market is so fire. Shanghai website construction company pilotage technology believes that the use of links to enhance the weight, website optimization can walk in the shortcut to success.

one, the chain: wide variety, more than quantity

links course better, the author previously wrote an article "the competitive advantage of convergence, website optimization need to win", generally is the meaning, the number of winning is the website construction and website optimization the key success factors. Specific to the link construction, the amount of meaning and some minor differences, not only to the number of more extensive and diverse, Google has also made it clear that only a wide variety of natural links is true and credible. As a result, we can infer 1000 different domain names over the link, the quality of the link is much higher than 1000 of the same domain name. Know this truth, we link the direction of construction is clear, wide variety can be twice the result with half the effort. And the wide variety of link resources is also the difficulty of link construction.

in the construction of the chain, a lot of people can be described as "foot work", and the so-called blog station, the purpose is also links, the forum replies signature is more direct. In all the way of link building, is one of the best methods of soft effect of the rare, published quality articles to push an A5/CHINAZ/A5 Webmaster Platform, by forwarding to link effect can be described as immediate. Unfortunately, the release of soft text from the link, can only be a simple URL, keyword anchor, text links advantages can not be played. In chains >

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