Where was the stationmaster’s way out in 2008

these days have been thinking, so now the network environment becomes more and more complicated.Baidu pull the wool, Adsense price is more and more "China". The domestic league is still unsatisfactory. In this situation, our webmaster should decide on what path to follow? After ing, 2 kinds of way out now what in mind. Friends share it.

2008 way out: Earn foreigner’s money! [foreigner’s money makes]


you good money this is an idiot will understand the truth, the light from the Adsense unit will understand. Although many domestic advertising, but the money flow into the conversion rate is too low, and poor integrity, originally did not pay much, often by the advertisement union buckle quantity, exploitation. Really get in the hands of it is less and less.

if you do stand level, and promotion website experience also, then consider considering foreign language station. Take English for example. In English click ads, most of each click is more than 10 times more than chinese. Just 10 times click on the price, let you echocardiography, I also heart. A Chinese click, but one or two cents, a click in English is dozens of cents, and even some one click as much as a dozen dollars. (I met one of my friends in a publisher’s forum. $9.6.)

if you have a Chinese station, you can get 1000 monthly income every day if you have 3000IP and do Chinese language station.

if you have an English station with 3000IP traffic every day, it will be easy to charge $2000 a month.

Google AdSense alliance in Firefox browser promotion, a Chinese download 0.01 U.S. dollars, 8 cents, which for Chinese webmaster, has given up, Firefox promotion?. But what about an English download? 1 dollars directly, or 8 yuan in renminbi. The median difference has been 100 times. This is the difference between the Chinese ad He Yingwen AD and the overseas Adsense referrals,


, here are some of the main categories of foreign advertising alliances:

1, first of all, we are all familiar with the Adsense bar, Google AdSense this click in accordance with the commission based advertising alliance. Google AdSense accounts are particularly strong, do not try to cheat, honestly do their own stations, do their own advertising. As long as the stick, I believe you can receive Adsense checks.

2, CJ, an advertising alliance based on sales commissions. According to the mode of sales commission, the art has been very successful, most of the list is a conversion, you can deduct a few tens of dollars. It is strongly recommended that you do CJ such advertising commissions for sales commissions

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