Webmaster do you know why Baidu does not give you large flow

as a webmaster, build a website of its own, from the bottom of my heart feel happy. And the amount of visit of the website lets a lot of stationmaster not happy however. The website is ugly, or it takes so much time to look like it, but nobody cares. At this time, everyone aimed at Baidu, because as long as Baidu included, traffic will slowly to rise, so let Baidu included again became most webmaster a wish. So everywhere publicity, everywhere promotion, for Baidu can be included. Good luck, or a knowledgeable person, may happen to hit with Baidu. Success included. But bad luck, or do not understand the people have to step on. The site is included, the webmaster can not stop, will continue to update the web page, continue to prepare for the web page is included, because Baidu is not a fool, you don’t update, it will stop by to you, or have you included pushed to the back.

so, through a period of hard work, there will be three situations,

is not yet included in Baidu, you have to continue to study, continue to study Baidu. Baidu is glad to see such a person.

second is Baidu has been included, but you have to continue to study, not to let Baidu your station K down. Baidu is also willing to see a bunch of people,


third is by Baidu included, now do not need Baidu included, has become a well-known website, enter the site is directly enter the URL, do not need to search from Baidu! This is the Lord do not want to see, because you no longer need it, you don’t need it, then it is not useless. So Baidu won’t let you be such a person.

so now ten people, or nine people, looking around Baidu. That’s why Baidu is happy,


financial crisis down many companies and factories, if one day, you open the computer, the Baidu site also opened up, means that Baidu failed, then you do the publicity and promotion of what, what is the use? Of course, Baidu does not fall very realistic, just have to rely on the big house a tree, but the tree will eventually die, old, change.

as the head of the US, have not thought about yourself, Baidu in order to get traffic flow after they want to get rid of Baidu, to hang GG advertising, full page full of pop, porn ads, even the horse, you say that Baidu can let you flow

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