Teach you how to avoid the website SEO optimization short board risk

the so-called "short board risk" means the most important factor in how much water a cask can hold. It is the shortest piece of board on the barrel. And this is a board, it is the key to the whole barrel, as long as it is not, nor to the other, water will run off from here.

and website optimization is the same reason, there are we do not do the short board exists. Therefore, when we do website optimization, we must be good at finding the risk of short board, that is, the weakest place, and then focus on solving, so as to quickly improve the effect of website SEO optimization. Next, let’s introduce how to use the short board in the website SEO to help us optimize the website:

one, find short board risk

here is the first thing to do, because everything should be so, find the problem, in order to better solve the problem. We need to summarize and analyze the optimization in the whole process, including the analysis of competitors, and find their own shortcomings, such as construction, outside the chain within the chain optimization and so on, are we in appeared in the process of the problem of poor quality.

general analysis summary website optimization methods are through some tools to do. For example, we can find tools on the relevant web site, to see the density of your website keywords, keywords ranking, Web links and the quality of the chain and so on. Also remember to another person’s website board, the so-called "Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai", so as to more timely discovery of the short board network of insurance.

two, should pay attention to the overall optimization of

when we use a variety of tools to find their own website optimization of the short board network insurance, we must actively repair with all the efforts we can use all the ways to solve it. In addition, after the short board risk solving, does not mean that the optimization of the site is completed, at this time, but also through a variety of methods for the overall optimization of the site, to improve the overall optimization effect of the site.

this is the only way to further solve the problem of short board risk, from the optimization of their website will no longer have a big problem.

three, let short board risk become advantage

in improving the overall optimization effect, but also further the risk of short board to the website for the board to carefully, on the basis of the existing in website optimization to solve their own weaknesses, to achieve a breakthrough in this aspect, so the risk of short board to our advantage.

outside the chain optimization, for example, the optimization of the chain is to let a lot of people have a headache, and many people in the above also spent a lot of energy, but the effect is not good. At this time we will find ways to solve the problem of the chain, such as more buy some of the chain, write soft Wen and so on, and not by simple posting to get the chain.

in the entire website SEO optimization process, short board risk is common, many websites ranking when high or low, all this is the original

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